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This is a book club. Occassionally we study other forms of texts, such as magazine articles, films, or tv shows which stay true to our quest.

The members here are interested in studying feminist texts. This includes texts written by women, for women, to women, about women, or any other minority.

The book lists are selected by the members and here is the schedule thus far:

Book to be discussed August 20th, 2003
Feminism is for Everybody: Passionate Politics, bell hooks

Book to be discussed September 20th, 2003
ManifestA, Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards

Book to be discussed October 20th, 2003
Cunt, A Declaration of Independence, Inga Muscio

Book to be discussed November 20th, 2003 TBD
Book to be discussed December 20th, 2003 TBD
Book to be discussed January 20th, 2004 TBD